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windblown works...

creations and musings

Kylea (ventulus_boreal)
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Just a shy observer right now, wanting to keep up on some friends who blog here. Will add more down the road.
art, art dolls, baggiecon, beading, beads, beadwork, bellydance, bhigg house, birch trees, blackwork, book arts, books on tape, breakfast, butter tarts, card making, celtic harps, celtic music, celtic things, charles delint, children's books, children's literature, children's writing, chocolate, crafting, crafts, creative writing, dancing, dandelion wine, dave brough and robin, dave simmonds, decadent dave, doug shewfelt, dougie maclean, elisem's jewelry, ellen mcilwaine, fabric, fantasy, fiber arts, filk, filk music, filk songs, filkhaven, filking, flute, folk, folk music, folk tales, folklore, garage sales, glass, graham leathers, harps, hockey monkey song, homemade soup, house concerts, hugs, indigo girls, irish sessions, jewelry, lampwork, les batinses, lilacs, lois mcmaster bujold, maritime music, martin sexton, minneapolis, minnesota renaissance festival, music, music circles, music parties, my cats, mythology, myths, nahanni, northern lights, ookla the mok, orkney, oysterband, papercrafts, penny whistle, perthshire, photography, picts, poetry, pope's hill, purple, reading, recording, riverfolk, rocky shorelines, ruth ohi, science fiction, scotland, semi-precious stones, shooglenifty, sing alongs, sing-alongs, singing, small shiny objects, snowglobes, spirituality, stan rogers, stone, tarp ticket #1, tea, the billys, the forks, the porch climbers, the vinyl cafe, thrift stores, thunder bay, tom jeffers, travel, travelling, trees, truth, uptown-on-calhoun, urban tapestry, waiting for frodo, weaving, weddings parties anything, weird canadian potato chips, winnipeg, winnipeg folk festival, winter, wolves, women, words, writing